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Principal's Message


Over the ages all great philosophers around the world, have agreed that value education must be an integral part of education. Mahatma Gandhi said "Formation of character should have priority over knowledge of the alphabet." In the past, religion and values were inextricably intertwined and even today religious organizations are working relentlessly towards teaching values. In contrast to that today`s fast paced competitive world has led man to have compromised on his values, integrity and character. As a result we helplessly watch the severe erosion of values replaced by aggression, violence, rampant corruption and inhuman behavior. School is the right platform where these values can be easily evoked in the students by making them �experience� and �live� the values. Our institution tends to go every extent to achieve holistic development of our children. We guide them to develop their capacities, acquire knowledge and enhance their horizons imparting right values. Keeping the contemporary, global and national context in mind, we strive hard to make the pursuit of excellence a way of life. Our institution is blessed with enthusiastic students eager to learn, supportive parents interested in their children�s education, and a band of dedicated staff committed to providing the students with a quality education. We believe in motivating children to become good human beings and helping them to rise like a falcon to touch the sky. Our website is a window to our vibrant school life. Let Infant Jesus, bless our students to scale the heights of success, unfurling the banner of love and peace today and ever.